AMB Floorplans, LLC

We make your time and business more profitable


We at AMB Floorplans know how valuable your time is.

If you are measuring your listings and calculation the square footage yourself, AMB Floorplans can save you countless hours.

Simply give us the address and contact information or CBS code, then we’ll do the rest. Within 24 hours of our appointment date, you will have a detailed professional floor plan of your listing including the exact square footage.

Proudly serving the greater Albuquerque and East Mountain areas since July 2000

Measurement and verification of Square Footage

As you know, home pricing in New Mexico is based on square footage. Don’t guess or take the owner’s word on this important issue. Realtors have been sued for listing homes with incorrect square footage claims. AMB Floorplans will carefully measure your listings both inside and out, and give you a solid square footage calculation.


Computer-generated Floor Plan Drawings

Invaluable marketing tools as well as an important part of your closing package. A detailed drawing, complete with room measurements, gives each potential buyer something tangible to take home and dream about. Put all the details about your listing right in the buyer’s hands while the other homes they have viewed quickly become a blur.

In the current “buyer’s market” this is especially crucial.